Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 0 - It's the Final Countdown!

(cue smoke machine and playing cards shooting out of my sleeves)

Packed, have my passport, ticket, details, etc. The flight is about 12 or 13 hours... I have a couple novels, USB sticks stuffed full of TV and movies, music, and a whole bunch of melatonin. I'm hoping to sleep through the majority of the flight to help get acclimated to the day-night flip between Toronto and Tokyo.

Think it'll be daytime throughout the whole flight (going across the Arctic circle, pole positioned towards the Sun at all times), so no Aurora Borealis for me. Ah wells.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to test photo uploading, so here we go!

Awww, MC Hammy wants to come along to visit Mommy! Or visit his famous cousin, Hamtaro!

So that's it. It's probably not actually Day 0, since it's early morning Wednesday. I still have 2 more sleeps before I go... and although the flight is 12 hours, the relative time that I touch down will be 27 hours later... but, all that said, I won't be posting again until the end of Day 1... so Day 0!

Day 1 is going to be a big post: the flight, the landing and seeing Carey, then off to the hotel in Kabukicho, and then dinner and kareoke with Wytze and Aya! Also, if my body is up for it and can convince the rest of them, Ken Ishii at Air in Shibuya that night... so yeah, stay tuned for a big post!

Matte ne!