Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 8 – Lounging in Fukuoka

Day 8 was a pretty chill day. Just lazed around in the morning and did laundry. It was a gorgeous bright sunny day in Fukuoka (apparently this is going to be a rare thing over the next week), so we decided to take a bike ride by the coast.

beachCarey lives right by the ocean… so nice!

This place is gorgeous. You’d never guess it was late February… it was sunny, bright, and mild… even by the water. There are palm trees here!gateIt was so bright that all my outdoor photos got washed out – stupid crappy Cybershot. Oops! Oh well, you get the idea of how awesome it looked.

We biked around a bit more around the city. People seem nicer here; they make eye contact, smile and nod as you walk by… definitely noticeable, compared to Tokyo. But I guess that’s just big city vs. small city.

We stopped by Carey’s favourite sushi place for lunch.

carey hughIt was great, for a really reasonable price!

All the plates are 100 yen a piece, and you pick what you want by grabbing plates of prepared sushi as it rolls by your table on a track.

sushi track Mmmm, I want this egg sushi!

They also had a hot water faucet at the table, and you make your own green tea from this delicious powder.

tea Usually 3 scoops is enough for 2-3 glasses, since the unused green tea powder settles to the bottom.

I also noticed that the wasabi is ACTUAL wasabi, minced from the root plant, and the pickled ginger isn’t dyed pink here… it’s the natural yellow colour. Neat!

wasabi ginger It’s going to be hard to go back to the chemical wasabi when I get back home…

If there’s something you want that isn’t on the track, or if you want something fresh, you can order from a touch screen at the table, and they wheel it out super fast on a tray track above the main one.

I had mostly old standby sushi of tuna, salmon, etc…but I did try Japanese spider crab, as well as raw octopus.

crab octopus The crab was great, the octopus was yecch.

When you’re done, you’re left with all the plates, and that’s how you’re billed.


We kind of pigged out, but it was so good!

You slide your plates down this shoot, and for every 5 plates you put down there, a little animation plays on the touchscreen, and you have a chance to win a little gachapon toy!

We won for one of our tries! This little sushi dangly…


Japan loves its danglies!

When we were done, we biked home and spent the rest of the eve watching movies and just hanging out. It was a well-deserved slow day after such a busy week!


This vendy is one of the last from Tokyo… super wall of vendies!!!